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Marketing and Advertising for your Business

As everyone knows, it is vital to have a good marketing and advertising strategy for your business, whether you are a mom and pop shop, or a fortune 500 company. But where does one start and what mediums do they use to accomplish this task? It can be overwhelming to think of this and the process that needs to go into such a plan. Our goal at Marketing Mojo is to help you better understand what you can do to simplify the process and what decisions need to be made from a strategic standpoint. We’ll also let you know about businesses in the industry who have successfully launched their own advertising and marketing campaigns, and how it has paid off for their business.

Understanding that this is not something any business should take on alone, is the first decision that needs to be confirmed. Hiring outside help is almost certainly necessary, no matter how small your organization is. There is no shame is doing so, as there are many experts out there who can and will help your business grow and prosper with the right marketing campaign. I personally tried to take this on myself during the early years of my business, only to find out, after much stress and money spent, that it’s better to outsource this sort of thing. In fact, the ROI that I gained from handing this off to a team of experts far exceeding anything I was paying to them. I almost felt bad knowing how much my business grew from their work, compared to what I was paying them. (don’t feel too bad for them though, they are doing very well for themselves, and rightfully so)

So, if you are at any stage of your business growth, and you are looking for ideas or articles on where to begin with advertising, or WHY it is so important to your company, you have come to the right place. We’ll have articles, videos, and real life case studies of things going right, and also things going wrong. (hey, you have to know both sides right?)